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Martha McBride

Martha Mcbride / Rain Makers

RainCatcher is dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using affordable and sustainable solution.
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    Chemene Granger

    $250.00 / 75 days ago

    We're blessed to be able to contribute again this year. Thank you for the amazing work, RainCatcher and Martha McBride!

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    Eryn G Cadoff

    $50.00 / 191 days ago

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    Chemene Granger

    $250.00 / 427 days ago

    RainCatcher is such an impactful organization and I'm so happy, in a small way, to assist in their work. Martha, thank you for introducing me to them so many years ago, and thank you for continuing to aid in their efforts to bring fresh water to every person on our planet.

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    Tammy Young

    $20.00 / 427 days ago

About Martha McBride

Did you know that by the time you finish reading this appeal, another child will have died from waterborne illness?

Even small donations can make a difference. There are REAL & REALISTIC sustainable solutions to water insecurity in non-desert areas. We can reduce deaths due to pathogens & parasites transmitted by water.

RainCatcher is putting these simple solutions in place NOW and they need your help to keep going. Your donation is put to good use immediately.


The illnesses and deaths related to unsafe drinking water have a cascading effect on a society, shaping everything - education, culture, economy. Water insecurity, sadly, drags down the positive effects of other noble service initiatives. 

Imagine if to keep your children hydrated and alive, you – and they – had to walk miles to retrieve water of questionable safety. Daily.

Imagine if every time you responded to their thirst with the only water that was available to you, you had to say a prayer that THIS TIME they not get sick. Eventually, they would become ill. When that time came, you'd pray harder in hopes that they only suffer from dysentery, not cholera, not typhoid, not something even worse.

Now... Imagine that together we can eliminate this awful game of chance from the lives of thousands of women around the world, because we can!

Please donate to RainCatcher. Together we can bring safe water to tens of thousands of people.

And we can do it NOW.

How many humans would you like to save today? #rally4raincatcher       

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