Push-Ups for Uganda 2016

Jill Tyler / Rain Makers

 The kiddos at Gannet Peak Elementary School in Lander, Wyoming are applying all their muscle to raising $2,000 by World Water Day on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.
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    Susan Bobrow

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    Ralph Yelverton

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    Thanks for all the great work!

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    Eleanor Hoffman

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    Good luck to a good cause. H/t to Alix Floyd for her leadership.

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    Alix Floyd

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    An important day to remember the impact that clean water can have on communities!

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    Martha McBride

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    So impressed with you! Bravo on continuing your commitment to helping provide clean water to kids. RainCatcher appreciates you as do the grateful families that benefit directly from your generosity. Cheering you on with your push ups! :)

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    R B

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    Jamie Franzen

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    Thank you everyone for all of your support. We live in a beautiful community, and we're so excited to see what we can do. Imagine what we can accomplish if we all work together...

About Push-Ups for Uganda 2016

This is the 3rd year that Gannett Peak Elementary School will be doing push-ups for clean water. This year we're planning to get all of the schools in Fremont County School District #1 involved! All of the money raised for RainCatcher will go toward installing rainwater harvesting systems at schools in Uganda where children are in dire need of clean, safe water. At 8:15 (MST) on March 22nd, the executive director of RainCatcher, Dave Zielski, will join us as our students participate in a 20 push-up challenge to raise awareness about the clean water crisis in Africa. Drop down and do 20 with us!

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