Push-Ups for Clean Water

Gannett Peak Elementary / Rain Makers

RainCatcher implements affordable and sustainable methods for providing clean water for everyone. Our innovative system uses durable, sustainable and affordable components to harvest an existing natural resource: rainwater. We help to collect and filter even the dirtiest water on the spot, including existing contaminated water sources. There are no wells, no pumps, no electricity, and no irrigation systems. Your donations easily and quickly translate to lives being saved by simple access to clean water.
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    $100.00 / 425 days ago

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    Daniel McCarthy

    $160.00 / 427 days ago

    Thank you to each and every one of you kids for your kindness and generosity - it means more than you can possibly know to come alongside our friends around the world and join them in their journey and add to our own stories. Never stop caring for your neighbor!

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    Bari Olson

    $20.00 / 427 days ago

    This is such a sweet and vital plan.

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    Nancy Franzen

    $20.00 / 427 days ago

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    Christine Zehner

    $25.00 / 427 days ago

    Push-ups for Clean Water is the wave of the future - thank you for inspiring a better planet! ☮️ Revolution for Non Violence

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    Jamie Franzen

    $20.00 / 427 days ago

    I'm so thankful our Gannett Peak kiddos have joined forces with RainCatcher for this noble cause. Let us hope this tradition lasts through the years so we can help bring clean, safe water to everyone all over the world!

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    Dawn Kearns

    $25.00 / 427 days ago

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    $50.00 / 440 days ago

About Push-Ups for Clean Water

Join us for push-ups on March 22, 2017! We will be dropping and doing 20! We would love for you to help us to raise our goal of $500.00 this year!

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